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No One is Listening is already your favorite podcast on earth, all you have to do is subscribe & become best friends with (super not famous) hosts Christopher, Dave, & Derrick as they explore a unique topic each episode chosen at random by reaching into the glorious magic sack! The topics are relevant to anyone born in the last century! Each episode is best served chilled or piping hot & comes with an NSFW warning. Definitely not for everyone which is a bummer because we are the only podcast available on the internet. Seriously though, NOIL is perfect for anyone looking to take a step down nostalgia lane or have a hearty laugh or 12 while learning about a new topic! Whether you grab a brew or lighting one up, listening at work or a drive, or chilling with your favorite slice of pie, NOIL podcast is the best friend you’ll ever have!

Hu R We?

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